Your thyroid performance is crucial to influencing your metabolic function since it releases hormones that increase your cell’s energy output from carbohydrates while promoting protein synthesis and the use of fatty acids.

Even minor variations can have a significant impact on your body. Interestingly, many of the available tests are inherently difficult to interpret and even misleading. Furthermore, often time inaccurate since the amount of thyroid hormone entering the cells is impossible to be determined.

This is why inaccuracy and false interpretation are rampant, especially when you are not an experienced functional doctor specialized in seeing the “whole picture.” Believe it or not, blood level reports and how the patient feels and symptoms presented are still debated for accurate diagnosis and therapy.

Frequently I see patients going on the wrong metabolic path, even when blood tests don’t show anything out of the ordinary. In these situations, traditional doctors generally don’t treat the problem.

In my experience, prescription thyroid medication works sometimes but often with incomplete effects. Other important aspects that need consideration are iodine levels, toxin-binding activity on thyroid receptors, leaky gut, stress levels, and high insulin resistance.

I believe that nutrition with herbal nutraceutical supplements, which naturally support thyroid function, is the best therapeutic option in most cases since it supports and corrects the underlying issues that prevent the thyroid from healing and rejuvenating for average hormone production and utilization.

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