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The butterfly below your Adam’s apple!

We all know that too much of anything, even money, whiskey, or fluoride is not good for us!

Your thyroid gland is extremely important for your metabolism control, and when T3 hormone (3 atoms of iodine), T4 (4 atoms of iodine) are produced by this gland in sufficient amounts and proportion, it can keep your metabolism working at the right rate. But, if the thyroid gland is not working optimally, you may experience serious symptoms such as fatigue, weight change, anxiety, nervousness, forgetfulness, sleep problems, menstrual irregularities, coarse hair/voice, temperature intolerance, among others. Thyroid balance is even more critical for pregnant women, without balance they may increase their risk for miscarriage, high blood pressure, preterm delivery and fetus brain and growth development.

It is interesting to note that the incidence of thyroid cancer has increased 2% to 5% per decade and, if the trend continues, this type of cancer may become the fourth most common in this country by 2030.

Other complications such as adenomas (tumors), thyroiditis (inflammation), Grave’s disease (hyperthyroidism – overactivity) and Hashimoto’s disease (hypothyroidism – underactivity) due to the use of drugs such as lithium or deficiency of iodine among other causes are also rampant and on the rise.

There is also another concern with the excess of fluoride added to the community water in addition to dental fluorosis (toothpaste), adding up to an excessive amount that could compromise the thyroid function.

A 2015 study of an English cohort by Peckham, Lowery & Spencer appear to add legitimacy to this concern since it found positive correlation between high fluoride levels in drinking water and the incidence of hypothyroidism. Dr. Jean-Claude Nerette want to clarify that although this is very interesting and we should take precautions to avoid this situation; he also want to emphasize that there are too many variables to consider, and more studies are necessary for a conclusive answer.

Nevertheless, considering the possible consequences of inaction, Dr. Nerette recommends to err on the side of prudence to reduce the level o fluoride in drinking water by installing a reverse osmosis filtration system at home, which can remove 85% to 92% of fluoride, as well as the use a toothpaste type that doesn’t contain fluoride.

He also believes that herbal nutraceuticals supplements which naturally support thyroid function is the best therapeutic option in most cases, since it supports and corrects the underlying issues that prevents the thyroid to heal and rejuvenate for normal hormone production and utilization.

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