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Soap & Water Go Hand & Hand!

You may think those hand sanitizers are the best option against the COVID virus, but recently the chemicals within the hand sanitizers have been linked to two basic types of skin reactions. The first and most common include symptoms that can vary from debilitating dryness, irritation, itching, and even cracking and bleeding referred to as “irritant contact dermatitis” exacerbated by cold climates. The second type, “allergic contact dermatitis,” is rare, presenting an allergy to some chemical ingredients in hand hygiene products encompassing from mild and localized to severe and generalized reactions. In most serious forms, it may be associated with respiratory distress and other symptoms of anaphylaxis. Also, hand lotions and creams may be beneficial as humectant, fats, and oils to increase skin hydration. However, the best option still stands; soap and water are widely available, safer, and at a fraction of the hand sanitizer price.
Dr. Jean-Claude Nerette

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