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“Orthorexia” is another dirty word!

Orthorexia is an obsessive, unhealthy focus on eating in a healthy way. Eating nutritious food is good, but if you are obsessed about it, it can damage your overall well-being.

An individualized diet program is transformative, especially to treat chronic diseases such as cardiovascular issues, allergies, autoimmune conditions and even Alzheimer’s. However, if not managed professionally, you could find yourself committed to a lifelong highly restrictive diet without knowledge that the diet is not intended to be continued indefinitely. Unfortunately, unsupervised diets can be detrimental physically, as well as emotionally and this information is not available or discussed on-line or in support group forums.

This is why therapeutic elimination diets, should always be supervised by a professional nutritionist, so they are not carried beyond the commonly recommended six weeks, and most importantly to figure out when some of the excluded foods can be safely reintroduced in the patient’s diet.

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