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Low T warning light flashing?

Did you know that testosterone was first synthesized and called androsterone in 1935 by distilling 4,000 gallons of donated urine? Fortunately, the type we use here at Bellissimo Medical is called bio-identical (not synthetic) and it is mainly derived from the yam tuber plant, however, I don’t not know how many thousand of pounds are needed to make one pellet!

Low testosterone in men is known as “Low-T,” “andropause,” or “hypogonadism”, but interestingly, women are also affected and need 5-7% testosterone of what men have to feel great. Also, it is important to realize that although we lose about 1% of total testosterone per year after age 20, we seldomly do anything about it; focusing mainly on vitamins, nutrition, lifestyle and exercise to counter this natural loss.

Age isn’t the only cause of Low T; obesity is, too. With more fat, testosterone gets converted to a form of estrogen (estradiol) inhibiting adequate testosterone production.  

Dr. Jean-Claude Nerette, a true pioneer in this field for over 20 years, explains that testosterone in both sexes is crucial to maintain or increase libido, muscle mass, weight loss, energy, and brain health, among many other great benefits. Aren’t these all the attributes of youth? In-fact they are! 

Hold on now… this is true provided you only use bio-identical hormones strictly supervised by a very competent physician, and with specialized periodic detailed labs to adjust dosages and keep you optimized (sweet spot).

Fortunately, today we don’t have to use the Roman therapy of Pliny the Elder who prescribed “dinning on a good helping of hyena testicles” to restore sexual stimulus and youth-restoring powers.

Yea, science was a little behind during the Roman times, but you can’t deny that Pliny was looking in the right spot!

Dr. Nerette says that his goal is for you to live a long life feeling as young as possible!

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