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By Dr. Jean-Claude Nerette & Stephanie Muñiz, ARNP

Intimacy wellness is a key ingredient of human health and happiness that is fundamental for healthy relationships and family stability. However, we are very fortunate to live in an era with numerous effective and proven options to solve these debilitating intimacy problems affecting millions of people.

According to the medical literature, since 1999, the number of US women experiencing orgasm during intercourse declined from 56% to 46%, and currently, 150 million men suffer from problems related to ED (erectile dysfunction). If not addressed, these problems can contribute to states of anxiety, depression, lack of self-esteem, and self-confidence, which often perpetuate the disorder affecting the family unit.

At Bellissimo Medical, we believe that functional medicine is the most comprehensive and effective approach to solving these problems. Firstly, we start with a comprehensive diagnostic analysis to determine what is best for the patient with an emphasis on general health improvement (medical grade vitamins, minerals, supplements). We also provide hormone therapies (bio-identical hormones balance), Libido Boost (PRP) & Libido Max Plus (PRP + Stem Cells) that use the growth factors (platelet-rich plasma – PRP) derived from your own blood to rejuvenate tissue, as well as the use of laser ablation of vaginal tissue to increase collagen production.

These 20 minutes non-surgical, painless procedures are dramatic and long-lasting. Patients experience immediately improved stimulation, circulation, sensitivity, arousal, and drive, as well as urinary incontinence improvement (both stress & urge) as soon as the same day of the procedure.

There is no reason in this day and age to continue your silent suffering when we have the expertise and tools to change your life in just a few minutes.

Call today to schedule your complimentary consultation at 954-384-8989. Dr. Jean- Claude Nerette is Board-Certified in internal medicine and Functional Medicine. Stephanie Muñiz Nerette is a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner and a Diplomate of the Board of Anti-Aging Medicine. Bellissimo Medical, LLC is located at 2665 Executive Park Drive, Suite #3, Weston, FL 33331 (

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