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Would you run your beloved car low on oil, coolant, or transmission fluid? Obviously not!  Then, why are you engaging in an amateur or professional sport without checking under your hood for hormones, micronutrients, and cellular nutrition levels? If you are neglecting this, as opposed to your car, you will experience physical pain, emotional performance frustration, and in the worst-case scenario, physical injury.

Accomplishing any athletic goal or remaining at the top (especially after age 40) requires a unique competitive advantage. The role of micronutrients and hormones are often overlooked, but they are essential to give your cells a quantum leap forward to improve athletic focus, strength, endurance, and recovery – the hallmarks of an exceptional athlete!

Our team at Bellissimo Medical specializes in functional medicine with an emphasis in Bio-identical hormones replacement therapy, high-quality medical-grade supplements as well as specialized tests to measure levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, metabolism, metabolites, antioxidant function, and immune response.

Aside from the obvious and well-known vitamins B, D, E, C, etc., there are other crucial examples of sports nutrition elements essential for optimal performance.

Asparagine: Increases the capacity of muscle to use fatty acids and spare glycogen, thus increasing time to physical exhaustion.

Serine: Increases aerobic capacity and keeps a healthy hormone profile by buffering post-workout cortisol levels, which can cause excess muscle breakdown.

Magnesium: Is key to the production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which is the body’s main storage form of energy. This element improves aerobic performance, muscle strength, and repair.

Zinc:Interacts with hormones to improve body composition and strength. Deficiency impairs peak oxygen uptake during exercise (Supplementation should be accompanied by copper).

All sports activities should be complemented by optimal nutrition to spark and enable optimal performance, avoid injury, and conquer your set goals.

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