Brainwashing is not what you think!

Dr. Steen R. Gundry explains it perfectly in his bestselling book “The Longevity Paradox”

“A few years ago, researchers discovered a system that allows cerebrospinal fluid (that clear fluid that we tap when we stick a needle into your spine) to flow through the brain, cleaning out the spaces in between cells, just as lymphatic fluid does in the rest of our body. This is called the glymphatic system. To make room for the fluid to wash your brain, your cells actually shrink in size when you are in a deep sleep. This allows the full “brain wash” process to go twenty times as fast when you are in a deep sleep as when you are awake and helps to explain why a good night’s sleep is so restorative. When you get an adequate amount of deep sleep, you literally wake up with a refreshed and rejuvenated mind that has been swept clean of junk and debris”.

There you have it!

Get brainwashed while you sleep!

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