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Bellissimo Medical COVID 19 Safety Protocol

 Dear Patient,

Below please find some of our strict protocols followed to comply with universal sanitation precautions and to prevent avoidable COVID 19 infections for our patients, vendors, staff, and families.  

Clinical & Clerical staff.

 1-      All staff must wear a fresh uniform/cloth, face mask, and ponytail during hours of operations.

 2-      All staff must wear latex gloves and maintain the safest social distance possible when treating patients.

 3-      All staff must inform management if they or any family member is not feeling well.

 4-      Restrict patient visits to minimum time required/possible.

 5-       When setting appointments over the telephone screen patients for risk factors and explain the front door access process as well as the requirement to wear a face mask and avoid touching anything unnecessarily.

6-      Non-clinical staff, vendors, and visitors must remain in their assigned offices and avoid unnecessary ambulation in the office.

Patient Intake & CheckOut.

1-      The front door should be locked at all times with conspicuous COVID 19 screening instructions.

2-      All non-essential visits should be approved in advance by the office manager.

3-      All deliveries should only be moved, unpacked and disinfected by the office manager.

4-      All patients, vendors, delivery personnel, etc., should be screened for symptoms outside of the waiting area/reception. If any risk is suspected or detected, keep the person outside and consult Dr. Nerette or Stephanie.

5-      Once the Patient is allowed in the office, he/she must be escorted directly to the restroom to wash the hands with soap for 20 seconds. Subsequently, the patients should be escorted from the restroom directly into the room and from the room to the parking lot when the visit concludes.

6-      All charges and payments must be transacted inside the consultation room.

Environment Sanitation & Cleanliness.

1-      The entire office must be deeply cleaned & disinfected daily and weekly to maintain a safe, sanitized environment.

2-      All areas touched by patients must be thoroughly disinfected with CaviCide or Vitula BioCide after each visit, including doorknobs/handles, front counter, restroom faucets, chairs, etc. Examination tables paper lining covers should also be removed after each Patient.

3-      The consultation room must be disinfected after each Patient. CaviCide or Vitula BioCide should be used for all surface disinfection and Lysol aerosol for air sanitation.

4-      All staff must wash their hands as needed multiple times a day, especially coming into the office from the outside or after entering a consultation room.

5-      Clinical staff must wash hands in the consultation room before and after the encounter. Latex gloves should be discarded in the room where there were used. Latex gloves should not be utilized outside the treatment rooms unless handling bio-hazardous or contaminated items.

6-      Working areas such as desks, computers, tablets, cellphones, tools, gadgets, etc., must be sanitized daily.

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