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We are all SO PROUD of you!

Stephanie, we congratulate you on an amazing three days as you have Finished La Vuelta !!!! Three hundred seventy-five miles – 3 days.

?‍♀️ AMAZING Accomplishment!

Started with a:

Prelim ride around Puerto Rico – real stuff starts tomorrow ! La Vuelta Puerto Rico – 375 miles – 3 days !!!!

You Took a spill … But still going strong after the guy in front of you slammed on his breaks and to avoid him you flew off the bike to the side –

“it was pretty intense but I got up – shook it off — have some road rash on my elbow and knee. Dr. Nerette hooked me up later with first aid and IV nutrition. … came here to complete this thing. Day 2 done – so far 240 miles done!” -Stephanie

You arrived In Cabo Rojo next, stop Mayaguezzl  YEAH! 

Day 2 Ponce to La Paraguera 48 miles down 49 More to go to Mayaguez

  • Arrived for lunch in Mayaguez 76 miles yeah !
  • Had Breakfast in Isabela

 and then after Three hundred seventy-five miles – 3 days You have Finished La Vuelta !!!!

?‍♀‍ AMAZING Accomplishment!

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