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One of the most effective ways to quickly lose weight is through the utilization of a hormone typically found at high levels during a women’s pregnancy. The hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone is thought to cause changes in the pituitary gland, which ultimately controls the metabolism of fat reserves in the body. By learning more about hCG weight management, it should be possible to decide if this form of dieting is right for your needs.

Understanding How the Diet Works

A limitation of calorie intake and supplementation of the hCG hormone are both essential for success when utilizing this method of dieting. According to Fox News, “According to Simeons, the effectiveness of hCG as a diet supplement is its role in “re-setting” the hypothalamus and changing how the body burns fat. In his research he wrote that there are three types of fat in the body: structural fat, the fat that fills gaps to create protection around organs and bones; reserve fat, used by the body as a sort of nutritional income, as well as for fuel for muscles and body temperature regulation; and “abnormal” fat, which should be available for nutritional reserves, but is actually trapped.”

Functions Performed

The pituitary gland performs multiple functions, but in relation to dieting the two most important to consider are cravings for food and the burning of excess fat. The hCG hormone works to your advantage by both

Diet Precautions and Suggestions

Since this diet requires between 500 and 1000 calories per day, it is essential to prevent malnutrition through the use of vitamins and supplements. Make sure that for the 500 calories you do consume on a daily basis that they are packed with as much natural nutrition as possible. Exercise and avoiding cravings are also very helpful for boosting the rate at which weight is lost. Avoid carbohydrates as they not only will quickly eat up your calorie quota with “junk calories”, they also produce insulin, which makes it nearly impossible to lose weight.

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