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I am a 48 year old woman who first came to Dr. Nerette with migraines, anxiety, tiredness and general lack of life. Problems I didn’t know I had were found and I have been given proper treatment for those.
Dr. Nerette, Stephanie and staff have made me feel like my old self….or should I say, my 30 year old self.
The BHRT is a miracle! The PRP delivers and so does the IV nutrition and all natural meds.
I am a walking billboard as I rave about my experience to anyone that will listen.
I also learned that there are others out there just like me because they are put in my path and I can’t bear to see others suffer.
I have referred many friends to this haven of hope. They are also very happy.
My gratitude is eternal…………
There is hope and we don’t need to suffer in silence.
Kudos to Bellisimo!! The Fountain of Youth exists within your walls!!!!

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