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Dear Dr. Nerette,

I don’t normally take the time to share my experience and success in the way of a letter, but I wanted to express to you and your clients the miraculous transformation that has happened to me since starting your bio-identical hormones 7 months ago. I am a 52 year old, single woman who stopped having her periods about 5 years ago.

Menopause was not a bad transition for me, but I was having health issues that were directly related to my profession as well as the fact that my body was no longer producing adequate level of hormones. Severe osteopenia was one issue, and even though I look 10 years younger than my age…I was feeling 10 years older.

I have always been into an alternative lifestyle, seeking out natural methods of care, so synthetic hormones were not an option for me…but several years ago I did try bio-identical in the form of an oral progesterone lozenge. I realized that the care I was under was not optimal and very generic so I stopped taking this limited hormone delivery method.

I heard about Bellissimo through a friend, and decided to schedule my appointment with you. You spent a great deal of time listening to me and my concerns and I also was able to share with you some of my personal hardships at the time.

As stated, I started the sotopelle method about 7 months ago and I am here to tell you about the amazing success that I have experienced, body, mind, and spirit. In these rough times, we have all had to be more careful. If I have to…I will give up my hair and nail appointments; I will give up my Botox…lol…But I will never give up my bio-identicals.

My last bone density scan showed that my osteopenia is now mild…the collagen in my skin is extraordinarily more youthful and elastic, my skin is less thin. I feel more confident and secure than I have ever felt in my entire life and my energy level is off the charts. Speaking of off the charts, I feel so very sexy, sensuous and desirable and full of life, that people have visibly noticed the sparkle and confidence that exudes from me… I feel like a very strong, powerful, wonderful force of female energy…a total vivacious transformation that still leaves me in awe.

I know that I always had imbalance in my hormones and that imbalance was responsible for 5 miscarriages and debilitating pms. My 19 year old daughter also suffers from pms. If only I had had hormone balance and treatment earlier in my life…I plan on getting my daughter in to see you soon so she does not have to suffer for years with mood swings and disease.

Truly, I can’t even begin to express how much my life has changed since starting this sotopelle pellet treatment of hormone delivery. I am on fire…living every day to the fullest and loving the woman I am…confident, passionate, sexy, vivacious, and BALANCED!!

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. You are a very special care provider. I am so grateful that my journey took me to you and your practice. Your dedication and desire to help men and women is so very apparent.


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