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About 30-40% of Americans have reported suffering from insomnia (one of the most common sleep disorders), according to the US Department of Health and Services. Having a bad night’s sleep is common for most people, but if you suffer from repeated episodes of not being able to fall asleep or have difficulty staying asleep, it is time to get help.

The human body needs sleep as much as it needs to breathe to function properly because recovery is crucial. This is the time when your body uses cells to repair damage and creates antibodies to fight infections and keep you healthy. In addition, sleep time provides for new learning and memory pathways to be formed in the brain. While you are sleeping, heart rate and blood pressure slow down to give your heart a much needed break; one single night of sleep deprivation can cause your blood pressure to skyrocket the next day.

Consider what happens to your body when you are sleep deprived—you are irritable and feel tired, you have trouble making decisions and solving problems, you can’t focus, you are more easily confused and more likely to get sick. Essentially, your body is under stress.

While some individuals choose to put sleep in the back burner in order to keep up with the demands of a hectic, technology-driven world, others are trying to get their nightly rest and are unable to.

Consider this, you’ve had a long day at work, put the kids to sleep and it is finally time to unwind. You’ve been thinking of this moment all day long and now you are finally in bed, and it’s 1:00am or 2:00am and you are still tossing and turning in spite of feeling exhausted. Suddenly you wake up—eventually you fall asleep— and now it’s time for work and you are feeling as fatigued, if not more, than the day before.

This cycle continues day in and day out for many individuals who think this is just the way life is. Some resort to teas and pills in hopes of finding comfort, but know that there is a better answer to meeting your sleep needs, and unless you work with a qualified professional, you won’t know why this is happening to you. You may be suffering from undiagnosed thyroid issues or simply have a vitamin/mineral deficiency.

There are many reasons why humans can have difficulty sleeping—the simple fact of not being able to fall asleep creates stress and anxiety that can prevent you from falling asleep the next day and the next week and the next month. Insomnia is just one more way your body is crying for attention and it is an indication that something is out of balance—don’t ignore it.

The most important goal in functional medicine is the optimization of health and balance. At Bellissimo Medical we can conduct specialized testing to find the cause of insomnia as well as guide you into making lifestyle changes that will restore your good health and well-being.  Balancing hormones may be all that’s needed, or we may need to look in other directions such as addressing the thyroid, adrenals, vitamin / mineral deficiencies, neurotransmitters of the brain and much more Let our years of experience guide you in becoming balanced and sleeping well again.

Call us today and schedule your free consultation at 954.384.8989.  Dr. Jean-Claude Nerette practices Functional Medicine and is Board Certified in both Internal Medicine and Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine and Stephanie Muniz Nerette is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and a Diplomate to the Board of Anti-Aging Medicine. Bellissimo Medical is located at 2665 Executive Park Drive, Suite #3, in Weston.

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