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For those who have chosen to follow a weight loss or weight management plan, it can be challenging to select an appropriate plan with the number that are hyped up or available to choose from. Although weight loss or maintenance has a solid basis on calorie intake and metabolism, there are ways to biochemically manipulate factors of the human body in order to enhance your intended efforts. One such method is known as hCG weight management. hCG is a hormone that is typically produced during pregnancy, however, when used in combination with a calorie restricted diet it can produce rapid weight loss results.

Reasoning Behind Effectiveness of the Diet

The pituitary gland is responsible for the synthesis of several hormones that control metabolism and catabolism in the human body. It is true in many cases that individuals attempting to lose weight may become frustrated when they fail to achieve results even after reducing calorie intake and engaging in frequent exercise. During pregnancy, the hCG hormone is employed to eliminate excess adipose tissue for two reasons. The first is to make room for the development of the baby and the second is to provide a supply of energy for the baby’s development.

Tips for Success

Since this diet requires consuming no more than 1,500 calories per day, it is important to maintain the vitality of your nutrition. Ensure that you are taking required daily multivitamins and avoiding foods that are simply “empty calories.” Focus on vegetables, fruits and lean sources of protein such as fish or beans.

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