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If you’re considering medical weight management, then you’ll want to make sure that you know these four things: what HCG is, common questions, suggestions on how to maximize results, and how much you can actually lose. This is your go-to medical weight loss program guide for using HCG for weight management. So let’s discuss the obvious question: what is HCG?

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a naturally occurring hormone or protein that positively affects brain function by regulating our hunger and eating behaviors. Using HCG for weight management is better than fad diets, because you can maintain energy levels while cutting calories. Besides weight loss, other advantages of using HCG are improved blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and blood pressure thus reducing one’s risk for heart disease. The basic protocol entails a low-calorie diet along with small amounts of daily HCG.

There are common questions from people regarding what can be taken while on the HCG diet. Can you take probiotics while on the hcg diet? Yes, but not all HCG doctors will recommend probiotics. Consult your physician if you’re suffering from constipation to discuss the different remedies that will work best for you. Can you take prenatal vitamins on the HCG diet? Yes, you may take prenatal vitamins on the HCG diet as long as they don’t contain hidden sugars such as dextrose, sucralose, etc. It’s always a good idea to check any type of multivitamin for sugars while on HCG.

Here are some suggestions on how to maximize weight loss results. This journey is emotional just as much physical. We recommend starting a food journal that can be used to recognize any kind of undesirable diet habits. Consider the long-term effects of your food choices, and choose foods wisely. A donut is going to hurt your weight loss effort for days, plus the guilt after eating such a thing is not worth it. Satisfy that sweet tooth with fruits rather than candy or other junk.

How much can you lose on the HCG diet? There are many factors to take into consideration such as genetics and how strictly you follow the diet, therefore results will vary among individuals. But on average people lose 1 pound per day.

Do not be discouraged by any of the above factors! You won’t know what results you can achieve until you try. To talk more about this, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks

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