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When it comes to effective weight management, diets are a common trend that make the diet industry billions of dollars annually. The problem is that many of these are fads, here today, gone tomorrow. So how can you lose weight and keep it off?

HCG has become the new buzzword in weight management. HCG treatment is proving very effective in shedding the pounds and keeping them off. It is different from fad diets because rather than starve you day in and day out, it rectifies a chemical imbalance in your body to help you keep the weight off.

But Just What Is HCG?

HCG, or the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, is a pro-hormone. This means that it helps the body manufacture more hormones. Often times weight gain is caused by hormone imbalances in the body. By using HCG during your weight loss journey, you will help rectify this hormone imbalance to help you not gain the weight again.

How Does HCG Help With Weight Loss?

HCG, when coupled with a healthful diet and regular exercise, helps you have a healthy, easy, and efficient weight loss journey. An increased level of HCG in the bloodstream suppresses the appetite. This has been reported by patients who testify that with HCG, their weight management becomes more comfortable because of their ability to eat less with ease.

It also helps you to maintain muscle mass while you diet. You lose the fat without losing necessary muscle tissue. This pro-hormone helps to create an anabolic state in your body, nurturing the building of muscle.

Results differ according to your individual body composition and medical history, but you can be certain that using the HCG diet as part of your weight management regimen will lead to long-term, sustainable results. Contact us to learn more about how HCG hormone therapy can help you on your weight loss journey.

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