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I was already a believer in Bio- Identical hormone replacement but not happy with the doctor’s office I was going to for that treatment. I started exploring alternatives and learned about Sottopelle. After many visits to Dr. Nerette’ s web site I decided to go for a consult.

Having my fears addressed about the surgical nature of pellet insertion, I finally decided to try Sottopelle. The main symptom I was hoping to control was hot flashes. I was asked to name 5 symptoms I would like to see abated. It’s been about 5 months since I first got the pellets. I can’t begin to say how much better I feel in so many ways. I am move energetic, I have seen unexpected weight loss, return of libido, no hot flashes, improved quality of sleep, and generally just more happy. All so worth a tiny incision.

DISCLAIMER: Individual results may vary.


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