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Apr 06

According to statistics from the National Institute of Health, approximately 1 out of every 4 Americans has a digestive disorder known to cause an absorption deficiency.  Whether this problem is due to a mal-absorption issue after gastric bypass or simply because our diet is lacking in vitamin and mineral content, nutritional health can adversely affect overall wellness.  Nutritional well being enhances immune function, improves healing time and recovery, decreases inflammation, increases energy and assists in maintaining overall health. Read More

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As a recognized leading expert in Wellness and Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Nerette has been featured guest speaker on multiple radio and television shows including CNN en Espanol, Channel 41, Channel 48, TeleMiami and 1210 AM.
As you age, your body produces lower levels of hormones that are vital to your health and well-being. By bringing your hormones back to the levels they were.